Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Little Mover

I have never been a fan of the changing table.  We have always changed diapers on the floor in the middle of the living room.  We have a little end table that houses the basket of diapers and wipes.  When a change is needed, we pull out the basket and get to work. 
What's diaper changing time like at your house? Do you change on a changing table or on the floor? What do you do to keep your kiddo happy (and STILL) while you change their diapers?

C is right at the age that he SHOULD be potty-training, but he knows that he is in charge of that and he tells me he is NOT ready.  So, when it's time for a diaper change, I wrangle him to the blue "diaper changing rug."  Then I have to make sure he has something to entertain him while I attempt to change his diaper.  Even if he has something to play with, he tries to get away to find something better to play with.

We tried Pull-Ups, but they are a little more expensive than diapers and what's the point in trying to transition if C is telling me he doesn't want to?
Well, Huggies has come up with and AWESOME new diaper design ... Huggies Slip-Ons!!  I LOVE this idea!  All I have to do is pull off the old diaper and he can step into the new one!  Also, I really like the idea that this is a precursor to moving on to Pull-Ups and then to BIG BOY UNDIES!!
I am anxious to try the new Slip-Ons!  I want to know how I change a poopy diaper with the slip-on design.  I want to know if C would be more motivated to use the potty if he has to take a diaper on and off like regular underwear.

What do you cute names do you call your kiddo when they won't stay still for diaper changes?  I usually call C a Wiggle Worm.  No explanation necessary, I am sure ... he just won't stay still!  What is it with kids and not wanting to get out of that dirty diaper!?

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