Friday, January 7, 2011

Heart of Haiti

Can you believe it's (almost) been a year since the earthquake in Haiti? I remember the images on the TV, reading about it online and in the newspaper - I was in shock. It was scary for me to think about how the people would recover and what they would do if another earthquake happened during the recovery process. I know that Haiti is still recovering and dealing with the aftermath, which is why I am so proud to be writing this post!

I want to present you with this: ... a way to help with the recovery! Go, take a look, and tell me what is your FAVORITE!? What would you do with it? Where would you put it?

My favorite?! Easy-peasy: Heart of Haiti Bowl, Watermelon!! This is my favorite because it's so beautiful - bright, colorful and fun! But, what's better?! It's $16! I wasn't looking at prices when I picked my favorite, I was just looking to see what caught my eye. When I looked at the price, I was SO impressed! Prices range from $10 - $275. Where would I put such a beautiful bowl? I honestly believe that you should acutally USE the things you own, rather than putting them in a cabinet. So, I would put my watermelon bowl in the center of my table and fill it with fruit for my family to eat!

Would you like to know more about the Heart of Haiti founder and Fairwinds Trading CEO Willa Shalit?

"If you shop wisely," Shalit says, "you get to own this really wonderful object and also transfer money to those who need it—in a straight line. It goes right from you to people who may have lived only by barter and never held cash in their hands before. That's a very direct way to effect reform. It's not abstract; it's not a fantasy. It's real. Let's hear it for consumers! You have the power to change the world." I really love that Willa Shalit is doing something so tremendous for Haiti (and other countries)!

I really hope you will visit Macy's and help in any way you can!

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  1. I remember when this earthquake struck. So sad! What a cute bowl~love the colors!

  2. Wonderful Post! Thanks for sharing Heart of Haiti!