Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's in a name?

My dad is not an "OLD" man ... well, you might think so if you are driving with or behind him, but he isn't old. He is, however, a Baby Boomer. Now, my question is, what is with the now-Grandpa Baby Boomers?! Dad decided that HE wanted the grandkids to call him "THE GEEZER" ... why, you ask?!

The Story:
My dad enjoys playing dominos - and before J was born, Dad would play once a week with 2 of his friend. My Grandma was visiting, and she called them "GEEZERS."

Some time passed, and J was about 2 years old when Dad told me that he wanted to be called "The Geezer."

Now, I had MANY objections to this - but my main concern was that people would think that it was disrespectful to call this man a geezer. (Picture it): We are out and about, J says "HEY GEEZ(ER)!" (I mean it's not like GEEZER is a well-respected or nice name for old men.)

Anyway, I didn't have much say in the matter because he called himself Geezer, my Mom called him Geezer (and now you will find her calling him Geez instead of his REAL name! LOL!) ... J picked it up and now C calls him "EEZ" (because he can't get the G in there).

A friend of my Dad's has a grandchild about the same age as J. He wanted to be called "BIG DAVE" (and that's what he is called).

So, my question to you is why in the world do these baby boomer (men?) want to be called such weird and non-traditional Grandpa names?!

What do your kids call their grandparents??


  1. Very cute! We're traditionalists over here and call their grandparents Grandma and Grandpa. I think my mom had other names she preferred, but didn't "catch" with the kids.

  2. I don't think it's just men though, it's really that generation not wanting to follow traditional roles. There is an epidemic of women out there who insist on being "Nana" or "Nanny" or such because they have such fear of being thought of as a "Granny". Funny, I think, that they'd rather be thought of as goats, but there you have it.

    My son has a Grandma, a Mommaw, Grandpa K and Grandpa A. I let them choose what they wanted to be called.

    I think it's sad there aren't many Grannies anymore.

  3. My son calls my parents mammaw and pappaw but I've heard one of his friends refer to his grandma as mimi which I think is cute. As for me, I called my grandmothers granny and nan.

  4. Great post Sara!!
    I think there are so many different names for grandparents because of divorce & re-marriage. My granddaughter (yep, I'm a 45 year old grandma) has so many grandparents & great-grandparents that she needs different names for all of them. I'm grandma and my ex husbands wife is grammie. My mom is Nana and the other grandmas are grandma + their first names.

    I think some people might have a problem being called grandma or grandpa because it means they are getting old but I'm happy that I'm young enough to be such a big part of my granddaughters life and have a little energy to keep up with her. I'm proud to be grandma! :)

    Mary (lexy04)

  5. I think that's pretty funny! LOL...It's great that they have a sense of humor, but I agree it is strange lol!

  6. My kids call my dad Grandpa. My mom is/was Grandma. She passed away and my dad remarried earlier this year. My dad's wife is VERY nice and I like her a lot. I try to influence the kids by always saying, "Grandpa and Bonnie." However, my daughter has started calling her Grandma, which makes me wince (just out of my own personal pain at losing my mom). It's something I'm going to have to get used to!

  7. My kids call them Grandpa Delton, Grandma LeAnn, Grandma Alice, and Grandpa Mike. Their Great Grandmas were alive for several years, but have since passed, they called them by their last names. So, they just always called them by their first names. Cute post!