Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Reasons I'd LOVE to Visit Virginia Beach!!

Have you ever been to Virginia Beach??  You have?!  I am a little jealous!  I haven't ever been!  What's your favorite thing to do or see in Virginia Beach? 
I have been looking at the Virginia Beach Visitor's site and I have seen LOTS that I would love to do ... let me tell you!

1. I LOVE history ... so the first thing I would do is visit the Adam Thoroughgood House!  "... Built circa 1680 and is one of the oldest brick homes in America."  Can you imagine what it would have been like to be in that home in 1680?!  Historical interpreters (in costume) will lead you on a guided tour through the home. 
2. Then, I would go to the Francis Land House (circa 1805).  Full antiques (and reproductions) I can only imagine what I would learn on a tour through this amazing piece of history!  I would relish my trip back in time. 
3. First Landing State Park - "retrace the footsteps of our forefathers" ... YES, please!  That sounds like so much fun, to me!  Put yourself in the shoes of our forefathers - are you there?  Can you imagine what it would have been like ALL those years ago?!  How different did the land look, what kind of animals did they run into, what were they wearing? 
4. Nauticus looks absolutely spell-binding!  I love learning - so for me, this is a great cross between fun and education!  Prices weren't outrageous, about the same as most zoos and aquariums in our area but it seems as if there is so much more to learn and do!
5. Parasailing - I have a huge fear of heights, but parasailing is on my "bucket list."  So, why not do it in Virginia Beach!?  That super colorful balloon (found here) looks so appealing!
6. Boat Tours - Gosh!  There are so many to pick from!  How do you determine which boat tour is best for you?!  Fishing, Pirate Ship Adventures, Dolphin-watching, Kayaking ... I think my family would go for the Pirate Ship because they are small and enjoy the "fun" of pretend Pirates.
7. Yoga ... on the Oceanfront?!  Now, if you know me, I have NO coordination!  But, I would try Oceanfront Yoga just to say I've done it!! :)  It sounds AMAZING!
8. What's a trip to Virginia Beach without a day at ... (yep, you guessed it) THE BEACH!  Take your pick - they all look awesome!

What's a vacation without food?  What are your favorite places to eat in Virginia Beach?  We love to find "the little hole in the wall" when we travel, because they almost always have great food that isn't super expensive.  Did you want to dine like a "local?"  Here are some tips:

9. Dining on the boardwalk - it sounds so delicious to me.  Lots of choices for food and a beautiful scenery! 
10. Kayaking for your dinner - I read about this place here (under tip #3), but didn't find (or missed) the name of the restaurant. 
I found a list of restaurants in Virginia Beach - - for your convenience.

Some great information and links:

About Virgina Beach
Virginia Beach entices visitors to “Live the Life” year-round! Located in the southeastern corner of the state, Virginia Beach is four hours southeast of D.C. by car and within a day’s drive or less from two-thirds of the U.S. population. For visitor information, call 1-800-VA-BEACH (800/822-3224) or visit for online trip planning. For media information and digital images, click on Please
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Now, I know I am ready to pack my bags and book a flight!  What about you?!  Did you find anything in my list that you just have to add to your list?!  What was it? 

If you visit Virginia Beach before I do, please come back and tell me what you did and what I can't miss out on!  Enjoy your trip!

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