Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun ... at least the thought was there!

Last year, my husband was invited to the ESRI conference in San Diego, but we couldn't afford to send him.  So he missed out.  I felt REALLY bad.

This year, the company he works for PAID for him to go to the ESRI conference (he was presenting a speech). 

He told me he would be gone for a week - ok - so what do I do with that week?! 
I tried to tell him that I needed to go with him - but he didn't buy that.  (Plus, the kiddos would have to stay with Grandma and Geezer for that week.) 
I called my Mom and asked if she wanted to go to the coast (Corpus Christi, TX), after all I had a free night at La Quinta.  The plan has been made.

Day 1 - Drive to the coast, spend time at the beach, check in to the hotel, swim, sleep ...
Day 2 - Go to the Texas State Aquarium, drive home.

I have not really ever longed to have sand on my feet - I don't like it - but I did it for my kids.  I WILL NOT EVER GO TO THE BEACH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER AGAIN!  It's hot, humid ... and it's just plain gross.  Couple that with two kids that refuse to listen and a Grandma that takes their "side" when I try to discipline ... I need a vacation from my "vacation!"

I think I need to fly to another state and see what my husband does with two unruly kids for a week! ;)

I hope you all are having a great week!!  Send some prayers and patience my way! :D

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